>Backcountry Targhee


Heather leading the charge up Steve Baugh’s with James and Rick keeping pace
Turbo getting wind blasted before making turns
Looking west towards Mary’s
Heather, Dean and James after our second run

James climbing out of Scotty’s
Heather, Dean, James, Rick and I took a chance on finding decent snow below and east of Mary’s on Targhee’s backside today. We skinned up the thinly covered cat track to the ridge between Fred’s and Mary’s, dropped down Scotty’s and skinned up to Steve Baugh’s (kinda neat how all the names are proper nouns!). The coverage on the Targhee side is still pretty skimpy; they are claiming around 30″ but most of the mountain has been melted or blown off and the majority of the hill has much less than that. But, over the ridge and on the east and north facing slopes, it is a different story; there is a pretty solid 30-40+” with a substantial base and soft snow on top!

For all, except James, this was our first time dropping into that area.
The wind howled and the temps plummeted but we persevered and had a great day of it! We did do a bit of base damage to our skis on the lower portion of Targhee heading back to the base, nothing that a bunch of petex won’t fix!

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  1. >What is up with that cat track? Seem like they seeded it with rocks. I took my skis straight to the shop after skiing there last weekend. Looks like you had fun on the backide!

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