Yesterday at the Ghee. That smile says it all!! Snowed all day. Hard. We are getting there, though I found a rock the size of a small car! Looks like 15 inches of new snow over the last couple of days…..

The top 2/3 of the hill was great. The bottom a little rough….. hopefully that changes in the next few days.

This has been a phenomenal pre-season, and yesterday while sitting near the top Tate and I commented on how lucky we were. Awesome snow, awesome view. Awesome feeling to be where we were. It doesn’t get much better than this. Really. I mean, what is there in this world that beats this? At this moment in my life, right now….nothing.

It’s overwhelming, astonishing, stunning, stupefying, terrible and…wonderful!


3 responses to “>Yippee!!

  1. >JB, I am starting to believe that is true. Even on the really cold and windy days, sometimes between the tears, a smile can be found on my face. Peaceful times mixed with whoopin' and hollerin'. Good friends making great memories. I sure look forward to getting to skiing with you and the boys sometime this season!Heather

  2. >Yep, we will, we will. We were going to do the Targhee thing this long weekend, but with only the beginner lift in operation we will pass on that.Big Sky is open on Turkey Day. $39 lift tickets. Yes, I think we will take the drive.Swifty, The Triple and Challenger lifts will be open. Been a while since I have been there. Not quite the BC experience, but Kathy and Teneile want to go, and they are not into this walking up the hill stuff…Anyone else want to head up? Anyone? Bueller?

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