>watch out for the Turbo Yeti


Turbo – I borrowed these images of the Boy Scout Chute from the internet. Let’s check it out!


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  1. >January of 2008 and Feburary of this year i believe. But i could be wrong. I did crop the first image to give it a bit more sex appeal.Don't know who took them, but i assume they are from the local ski talent over there. I was psyched to find the images on the internet and want to thank them publically for sharing them with whomever has the desire to search out the ski line.

  2. >I enjoy looking at the site, especially seeing the lost river and lemhi stuff since i never seem to get over there anymore. I am from IF and moved to TV a few years back. Be sure to approach the Boy Scout chute from the bottom for your first trip over there. The entrance is tricky to find from above. It is a sneaky sneak.Definally a good blue bird day tour although it has been getting hit more and more in the last few yaers.Have a good winter.

  3. >Hey, thanks for the beta, Wray! Glad to know my thinking of exploring it from the bottom was in line with how we should ski that line. If i'm not mistaken, the first photo is one you took?? Thanks for visiting this site! Please know you are always welcome to contribute content if you'd like. Just let me know and i'll get you signed up.

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