Another beautiful Lemhi line you can see from Highway 28!
The Brow 11,005ft – Lemhi Range, Idaho
The Lemhi Range seems to captivate me with its abundance of inspiring ski lines. No hype. No scene. Just a lot of adventure packed into its possibilities.
– Dean

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  1. >No hype, no scene… no snow!Any idea what the annual snow fall is in the Lemhis? The LLR is in the rainshadow of the Pioneers, and I just assumed the Lemhis were in the rainshadow of the LLR… The problem with skiing the big lines in these dry ranges in mid winter is the persistent buried weak layers: long dry spells between storms + shallow snow packs = facet factory! Then add some wind loading and watch out! Be careful in that big terrain! Spring generally is a safer time to ski those lines…I like your thinking though… exploration and adventure!

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