>Meadow Peak Muffin Patrol


Meadow Peak – Lemhi Range

Dean and I have been exploring the ski possibilities in the Lemhi Range. Today the conditions were ripe to check out some terrain I had spotted on Meadow Peak, a 10,600 footer, east of Bell Mt and obvious from the highway. We grabbed Heather, Matt and Grayson to break trail and pull us up for an inaugural run on the mountain.
We had skies that turned bluebird and good snow coverage to skin and ski from the car in the valley to just shy of the summit and back down.
The upper third kept our attention with fairly steep,wind-blown snow but the bottom two-thirds was fine powder!

*added by: Dean*

Scott showing me how to ski windblown boilerplate snow as we started down the east face of Meadow Peak. I (Dean) haven’t skied this kind of snow before and found it to be a super fun challenge!


Heather Lords chasing Matt TenGiao down the fun lower half of Meadow Peak


It wasn’t steep. It wasn’t deep. It WAS one of the funnest days I’ve had skiing in a very long time thanks to a crew of best friends and the spirit of adventure.
-Dean Lords

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  1. >Wow! Awesome country. Love the Lemhi Range. I imagine you used the road that runs past the old microwave tower, am I right? Put a big crack in my board the other day, need to see about buying/making a split-board….good an excuse as any! Love to be able to access this kind of terrain!JB

  2. >JB, I should have answered your question. We actually drove in on the Charcoal Kiln Road and turned south on the roads that contour along the base of the mountains, past Mammouth and Bell Canyons to park right at the base for our skin track up Meadow Pk.

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