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Meadow Peak was a blast! The Lemhi’s continue to amaze and inspire me. I look forward to many more exploration tours with my friends in this range. I really like the crew I’ve been skiing with as they are cautious, inquisitive, and void of any ego. We dig pits; lots of pits, talk about our views and opinions, and usually enjoy the time spent together laughing and encouraging each other just as much as we enjoy the skiing itself.
It has been amazing to watch Heather learn how to ski and survive during the winter. Up until last winter, she was not excited about winter activities what so ever. Yet, for some reason she just clicked with skiing. Some of it is the skiing itself but she suggests the value for her comes from spending adventurous time with our small group of backcountry locals. Both Heather and I feel so lucky to live in a community where we are excited to share our time and experiences with people.
Likewise, we have been so excited to see many of you post your adventures on this blog. It is obvious how your contributions have motivated and educated our local community of enthusiasts. Thank you!
Heather Lords skinning through the glades on the lower portion of Meadow Peak . Gilmore Summit on Hwy. 28 can be seen just left of the big tree behind Heather.


Heather and Grayson skied down and then skinned back up the lower glades while Turbo, Matt, and I explored the upper mountain. We eventually met up at the top of the glades and all five of us whooped and hollered down to the vehicle. In the vid, Heather floats down the super fun powder we found on the last 1,500 vertical feet of mountain. I do have to say she does really well for only skiing 2 or 3 times at the resort last year and learning the rest of the time in the backcountry!

-Dean Lords


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  1. >Aw shucks, pardner…and we figured you was just slummin' wid us!!!!Actually, you know the feelings are mutual; I really enjoy my time in the hills with you and Heather.I enjoyed yesterday so much, I headed back there with Rick today to share the 'love'. It was 'deja vu all over again'. Same sunshine, a bit warmer and same great snow! We drove in on a different road that brought us in along the base of the mountain from south to north. We got a look at the lower chute (small trees in the bottom half but probably doable with more snow). That way in is no faster, so it is probably about six's which way one chooses.Rick spotted a north bowl and chute off of Cooper Mt as we drove home; drops down on to the road coming in from Skull Canyon. Check it out!

  2. >Aside from almost losing a perfectly good tele ski, that was a fun day. However, the conditions on the upper section of Meadow Pk. Sat. reminded me why I bought a splitboard – my tele skills are lacking on icy-death-moguled 40º slopes! That was brutal. Lower half was kick ass though.Next Wed.…Lemhi's?

  3. >Turbo -Hey, that Copper Mtn. line does look really good on the map. I do recall seeing it on Saturday as well. Glad you and Rick got out today! It was a beautiful one for sure. Matt-Yeah, i can't believe your rouge ski hit that wind mogul and shot into the air only to penitrate the bullet snow like and arrow! Spectacular display of mind control on your part!Back to the Lemhi's for sure on Wednesday. I've got two or three options that i looked at while out on Saturday that we could check out. I'm sure Turbo does as well! Thanks for the good times boys! Now we need to get Chad Sr, Justin, Biglost, Wes, and Chuteski out with us!

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