>Rainbow Mountain Festival


Well, we could have all sat around at work today and complained about the lack of snow coverage right now. Or said… “Naw, i don’t wanna scratch up my skis.”
But we didn’t do that.
Instead Turbo, Ricardo, Matt TeNgiao, Chad Sr. and I headed back to the Lemhi Range despite an early morning text from Ricardo informing all of us that Leadore was a balmy -10 degrees! The objective today was two fold; check out “Dean’s powder stash” and to ski from the summit of Rainbow Mountain. This peak is directly west of the Coal Kiln’s of the Birch Creek Valley.
To make a long story short and to give the other boys something to blog about I’ll hit the highlights. We froze. “Dean’s Powder Stash” turned out to be two turns of minor crust over facets followed by 2,000ft of the worst windblown mank imaginable. And we skied right from the summit of Rainbow Mtn; picking our way down cool ridges and spines of snow followed by some good tree skiing and finally a steep-ish gully with rock walls. Ohh, and it was one of the worst performances on skis for me…
I bet some folks would have hated today, but as usual it doesn’t really matter how good or how bad the skiing was, i wouldn’t change this experience shared with friends for anything.
Rick, Chad Sr., and Me soaking up the sun and drinking up. Rainbow Mountain is the snowy summit in the upper left of the image.
Matt TeNgiao diggin’ his new splitboard on the approach.

Turbo, Rick, and Chad Sr. skining up the southeast ridge of Rainbow Mtn.

Rick getting ready for some “ski mountaineering”! Bell Mtn and Diamond Peak can be seen in the background.

“We’re so hard core we don’t need snow”

The Coal Kilns
Sorry no photo or video’s of skiing down… I was in survival mode… and my fingers were cold… and… and… and… blah, blah, blah!
-Dean Lords


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  1. >I couldn't agree more. What a fantastic way to spend a day! Exercise, sunshine, great friends and shittysnow training.. it rarely gets any better….

  2. >I hate you guys for making me feel so lame. I thought I could get away with using the, 'I just tuned my skis' excuse. Ugh! Nice Work!! : )

  3. >Don't feel lame, Wes! I know you are no stranger to skiing around rocks! I'll toss this out there: If you ski with us you are entittled to one free ski tune by Turbo the Tune Master! Mine and Heather's skis were in great shape until we skied Targhee. Now they need a serious tuning session. Have you been getting out? The Smiley gage shows a worthy snow depth.

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