>Rainbow Mtn Festival II (from a splitboarding perspective)

>Having had my ass handed to me last Sat. on Meadow Pk., yesterday’s descent off Rainbow Mtn. was contrasted by one major factor: FUN.

Like Dean said in the previous post the conditions on Rainbow were mainly brutal skiing on icy-death-slide-for-life snow or 1″-2″ breakable crust over faceted/hoar frost – hard stuff to negotiate with style (but hey, better than a day at work, right?) I know I would have been crying for momma had I been on my tele gear (I suck on teles). However, the splitboard performed great going up and down. If you’ve ever thought about getting a splitboard they are the way to go for BC snowboarding. I would strongly recommend using hard boots though because traversing while going up will be very hard and dangerous on icy snow. It is hard to keep your inside edges in contact with soft boots. I set my splitboard up for my hard tele boots and am very glad I did or else I would not have been able to keep up with my AT friends.

Anyway, being on the northeast side of the mtn. the ascent was damn cold, but we were rewarded with zero wind and ample sunshine on the summit. From our vantage point we could make out numerous future lines on adjoining and distant peaks that had us all chomping at the bit to explore the Lemhi Range more and more. Like kids in a candy store.

After working out a few kinks the descent on the splitboard was fun. I think we rode through about 4 or 5 different types of snow conditions in about 2,000′ yet, the board held up great on all them. I’ll admit that snowboarding is much easier than skiing but steep, icy-death snow is still hard to negotiate either way. I was kind of hoping for doing a couple laps but the snow conditions (and cold!) yesterday did not justify such abuse.

Good times with good friends in the Lemhi’s. Rock on Rainbow Mtn.

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  1. >In the spirit of full disclosure, we did catch Matt knuckle-draggin' a few times (he must have thought we weren't looking!)

  2. >Yeah i saw it too! I think it was the angle though, Turbo. As he screemed past my island of safety his knuckles were definately draggin' while trying to edge toe-side in that near verticl gully!! SICK BRA…To be honest i thought i was flashing back to watching Steven Koch in the Tetons… true story.

  3. >You're right, it probably was the angle and he was just setting up to push us out of harm's way as he came rocketing through!

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