>playing hard to get


Copper Mountain 10,269′

Heather and I only had half the day so we headed over to check out the north side of Copper Mountain. We bounced our way up the rocky and rutted Skull Canyon Rd. in the ole’ Chevy Malibu hatchback; skis, boots and packs rattling around in the back as we rallied along at a whopping 2mph! Pushing the Malibu to, and slightly beyond the point of no return a few times, we still got shut down a few miles from where we wanted to park the car. So with only a few hours of day light, below zero temps registering on the car display, and stiff winds blowing from all directions, we walked a ways up the road to explore a bit more before returning to the car and crawling back down the canyon to Hwy 28.

The infectious mystique of these remote eastern Idaho mountain ranges tug at my adventurous nature. Whether i succeed at my objective for the day, or simply end up getting skunked, i am happy to be in a place that feels foreign and remote to me.

I can’t wait to go back.


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  1. >Chevy Malibu? Skull Canyon? Are you nuts? I have a bit of a hard time in my Durango driving up this narrow twisting track. The sun never shines down in the bottom as it is. Cold? One of the coldest places I have been. Brrrrrrrrr. A side note – I almost always see deer in this canyon …..see any?Awesome shot!

  2. >yo Dude, as you know I very excited about this face. Were you able to get any feel for snow conditions? Could you see slot in the trees? It looks like it will go from the maps and Google but that's always a crapshoot..

  3. >Biglost -No deer… too cold! The Malibu rocks most of the time if you drive her slow, but ther comes a point when boulders and washes are too much for her to handle! Ricardo -Negative all all accounts. The north side of Copper was obsucred the entire time we were driving up the two-track. Not from clouds, but from being down in the bottom of the canyon. Wish i could have been of more help on this recon mission.

  4. >Hi Dean,Anyone heading out this Wednesday? Sarah and I are back on our Wednesday skiing routine and would love to join the group. Like what you are doing in the Lemhi's!

  5. >Chuteski -I am slated to attend the Bozeman Ice festival and will be teaching clinics all weekend. I'm headed up early to spend some time with friends. I believe Rick is headed up on Thursday as well. I may try to get out Wednesday for a ski before i head up to Bozeman. Hoping Turbo will be available too. Let's stay in touch on this. I would love to get out with you guys again. If not this week/weekend, lets plan for next week, cool?

  6. >Hi Chuteski, good to hear you two are still about. Dean is correct, I'm out for Wednesday. Hopefully we'll all be able to hook up soon. I'm sure you'll want to see me do the faceplant/cornice huck again… We all need to be doing the warmer weather, snow dance in the meantime!

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