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Looking south from the summit of Rainbow Mountain

Ski history of the Lemhi Range has been on my mind lately. The Lemhi Peaks are no strangers to ski exploration. Back in High School i skied the bowls and chutes above Meadow lake a few times with friends. Although the early 90’s were a long time ago for some, i would imagine the range has been visited by skiers for decades. Friend and local hero, Rick Baugher, to my knowledge has been the most active ski explorer in the Lemhi’s. A handful of written accounts and photos of his journey’s can be found on the http://www.climbingidaho.com/ website.

So i thought I’d ask the question:
Would any of you be willing to share your ski descents with me?
I’d be excited to hear which Lemhi Peaks have been skied and by what route. It could be something as simple as… Gilmore East – various north bowls and chutes. Or if you are so inclined – any sort of details about your adventures would be an added bonus and gratefully appreciated.

I do know there are a lot of silent East Idaho Off-Piste viewers out there who may not want to post comments on the blog page as to their ski exploration in the Lemhi’s, which i completely understand; but if you would feel comfortable emailing me with your comments, that would be valuable information i would love to collect. Please know I’m not asking anyone to divulge their “secret stash” or pound their chest in accomplishment for all to praise; i am simply hoping to create some notable history of skiing in the Lemhi Range for future reference.

Pass this on to your friends and have them do the same. I would even love to hear rumors, things you may have heard from someone, or simply even letting me know you have seen “ski tracks on the north face of ______ Peak.”

Looking forward to collecting the pieces to this puzzle and to start putting them together for others to enjoy also. Feel free to email me at deanlords@gmail.com

-Dean Lords


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  1. >Hey Dean-Someone you might try and contact is Kim Anderson, over here in Hailey. He's our local long time ski mountaineer. I know he's skied Diamond Peak, as with all the other 12ers. I haven't run into him in a while, but if I do I'll pick his brain a little…Cheers, Marc

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