>Targhee with the Wild Bunch!

>Have a look at the photos…lots of them. Just click on the photo below and it will take you to my Flickr page……enjoy!

(Once the slide show starts, click on the box on the lower right corner, the one with the arrows, for a full screen view!)



10 responses to “>Targhee with the Wild Bunch!

  1. >Red coats? Didn't see any… apparently. After clipping that guy on the beginners slope (who was supposedly wearing red) it becomes clear that I must be color blind!Red? No. Green? Yes!

  2. >Hey JB,It sure was fun to get out with you and your gang. What a riot. You're the best photographer. Your dedication to the perfect shot is awesome. I can't wait til we get out again!

  3. >Turbo – Yes, lots of smiles! A blast we did indeed have. The more the merrier it seems would apply here!Ricardo – Gotta say that the camera likes you, wOw!! Some of those shots are just amazing!! Got some good shots of everyone, but seems like you were just the right distance from the camera, and the color combination just seemed to work perfect. It was indeed a lot of fun.Thanks to everyone for being so patient, I understand that skiing is way more fun than posing for the camera. If I can talk you guys into doing it again on a sunny day, with some fresh pow, I think the results would be stellar! In the mean time, keep having fun!PS….the boys are up to Targhee right now. Sucks to be stuck here at work….:-(JB

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