>Looking for Attention


Ok, Ok I know how this looks. Another day of ski patrol practice and scenarios, right? I mean we are all wearing red jackets. And it appears that everyone is smiling and having a good time. All that’s missing is an instructor with a clipboard and a thermos of hot cocoa.
Well, in all reality, this was not a scenario. As many of you have heard, I took a little tumble on Wednesday. (Yes, I know, that’s what I get for skipping school.) Little tumble = my ski tip stuck in the ground while I kept going. This caused my knee to bend/twist in a way that knees don’t normally go. You get the picture. After a toboggan ride, a stay in the Ski Patrol Headquarters, and a trip the the ER (just to make sure everything was all right). I finally made it home to rest and recover.
UPDATE: I am doing fine! Really, it is amazing how well my knee is recovering. Under the care of Dr. Turbo and nurse Dean, I am healing rapidly. The swelling and pain have subsided and I have substantial mobility in my knee. I am grateful. Grateful that Dean was first on the scene to take care of me. Grateful for good friends that were there to find immediate help. And grateful that I was being watched over, this could have been a very serious accident.
Thanks for all of your inquiries as to my current status. I hope to be skiing with all of you again soon. Perhaps after the Christmas Holiday or more precisely 12 days, 7 hours and 43 minutes!
-Heather Lords

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  1. >Dr. Turbo says "take two chocolate chip cookies and call me in the morning"You have to be one of the most amicable and pleasant "patients" I have ever seen:)

  2. >Dr. Turbo, I have a confession to make. I had 3 chocolate chip cookies! I hope this won't effect my healing process! JB, Things are looking up. Thanks again for the oppertunity to ski Wednesday.Heather

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