>Kelly Mtn

>I toured around on Kelly Mountain today. The hill was busy with Bonneville County Search and Rescue folks practicing scenario’s. I stopped to help the hill manager, Todd, and his crew load some terrain park features onto a trailer before i skinned up the Moose drainage. The coverage is marginal but the snow is heavy and dense; supporting my skis from scraping on the rocky road in the bottom of the drainage. Abundant deer tracks gave way to deer bounding through the brush and trees. The dense fog dusted the trees with a white wintry coat of frost.

A slight breeze moved the moisture laden fog across the top of Kelly Mountain in swirls and all manner of shapes. I peeled my skins off and slid past the patrol shack where i had cached toboggan’s and supplies with a few other ski patrolers on Thursday as we prepared the hill for opening soon. I ventured east toward Mega Bumps and quickly discovered that the groomer had been busy working the hill. I floated down the soft corduroy dodging a few dirt patches and some grass. My skis carried me down the hill safely and without the dreaded rock encounter.

If we can get another 6″ to 10″ of snow by Tuesday, the ski resort will open. Keep your fingers crossed and pray for snow!

-Dean Lords


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  1. >Dean, you must have been sublimely inspired today. Your prose sustains a certain lyrical, descriptive quality. I breathlessly await the next chapter!!

  2. >You know, there is just something about Kelly Mtn that is enjoyable to me. It was nice to be back up there again touring around with just my thoughts and mother nature.

  3. >The pleasures of Kelly Mtn. There is something very special there, kind of like coming home. It's not big or steep and the snow not usually that deep. The beauty is sublime and the skiing can be fabulous. I'm rendered speechless in every season. Combine this with memories of many years of play with good friends makes this a world class destination just 35 minutes from home. We need to protect it with our lives!

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