>Thinly Veiled Edelweiss

>Let’s all sing, “Edelweiss, Edelweiss, every morning you greet me”!

Grayson Russel, Ken Durstine and I crossed the state line to check out conditions near Teton Pass today. Our original plan called for hiking and skiing Glory to give Ken an introduction to BC skiing and the “Pass Scene”. Looking up the south side of Glory driving to the pass parking and noting the paucity of snow coverage scuttled that plan and prompted us to head for “old reliable” Edelweiss instead.

We dug several test pits on the way up and down and confirmed the fragility of the snow pack; 8-12″ of “sugar” underlie a thickening slab of 12-20″ and one pit(not on the traditional skied lines of Edelweiss but in a relatively unskied area) failed simply isolating the test column! The “saving grace” that keeps Edelweiss in the “yellow” range for safety at this time is the amount of traffic it gets, mixing and churning the snow and breaking down slab formation (confirmed by a pit on the heavily skied portion). Still, caution was the word of the day for us! Be careful out there friends!
It is helpful to see the snow pack in this state firsthand and be reminded to stay vigilant, just as Grayson demonstrates!

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  1. >Scott and Grayson gave me a great introduction, lots of fun to balance out the work, the area needs more skiers like these two.

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