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Harriman State Park has established a new cross country ski trail this year that is open to dogs. The trail is called the Harriman Hounds Trail, and it runs south of the Green Canyon road for a loop of about three miles. The trailhead is about 50 feet west of the visitor center and has room for a few vehicles to park.

On Saturday, Mindy, Anna, Kuna, Gracie, Kodi, and I headed up there to check it out. The trail is groomed for classic skiing and winds through the trees in a gently rolling course. Dogs are apparently allowed off leash there, but the Park asks that dogs be kept on leash until crossing the Green Canyon Road. The Park also asked us to park at the trailhead instead of the main lot, which worked well for us to harness up the dogs. And of course, please remember to pick up after your dog. 😉

Mindy harnessing up Kuna and Gracie.

Anna and Kodi headed out on the trail.

Mindy and Gracie on the trail.

Kodi taking a well earned break.

Kodi and Kuna fighting for the lead on the home stretch.

Me trying my hand at a two dog team.

We made two laps of the loop section of the trail for a total run of about 5 miles. This trial is a great addition to the park and I’m really excited to see dog friendly places like this beginning to open. Harriman bills this as the 1st groomed trail in Island Park to allow dogs, and hopefully this is starting a trend that will see lots of additional dog trails.

Jackson Hole has opened up some of its Nordic trails to dogs, and there is a rumor that Targhee is going to do the same. I think organizations are starting to recognize that there is a market for dog friendly activities, and by providing a safe places such as this they may in the long run reduce the conflicts between dog people and non-dog people.

So hats off to Harriman Park for opening up this trail! Dog sledding was a major winter activity for the Harriman family during their vacations at the ranch. I’m sure they would be thrilled to know that sport is once again happening on their wonderful ranch!

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  1. >Thanks for checking out the new area and reporting back. From the photos, it looks like Harriman has pretty good coverage.

  2. >Harriman has good coverage, but like everyone else they could use some more snow before it gets great. They weren't grooming all the trails and weren't charging a trail pass fee. But I think they are charging trail fees starting today.I only attempted the two dogs after the 5 mile run. It would have been suicide to attempt that early in the day!

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