>Devout Rituals

>A quote Dean sent me several years ago which I really liked and thought appropriate for the day. I think we can all find a bit of ourselves in it…..

“Devout rituals always seem to accompany winter. Late night waxing sessions, hours of weather channel viewing and meticulous preflight gear inventories all foretell the onset of the season. And as the cold weather gradually descends, tired tales of past adventures begin to steadily re-stoke our fires. When the storms finally arrive we take to the hills like grade schoolers on a snow day. Obnoxiously early alpine starts, hour long waits for first tram or deep digs to unlock snow-pack mysteries become regimented routine. But this lunacy gains focus as we leap with glee into a virgin couloir, pick our way up a frigidly crafted waterfall or finally rise above the ridge to glimpse the evening alpenglow”. -Cloudveil


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  1. >Hey thanks Ricardo! I lost all of those old writings years ago. Wish i still had the article you wrote about the White Line Couloir with Sinor Turbo. All of these got lost when my computer crashed a few years ago. This brings back some postive feelings and worthwhile memories of the boys at Coudveil before the big sale. Such a great group of guys and gals to work with. Thanks for resurecting this one, it's really good!

  2. >Yet, it is a testament to the sad state of our snow pack; thin, weak and old, that we find inspiration in catalog ad copy!!!;)

  3. >Here's an inspiring story for you:Once upon a time…No, that's not right.Long ago…Not that one either.In a galaxy far, far away…Hmm, getting closer, but just not quite right.How about this: Heather and i found twice as much snow driving across the desert west of Idaho Falls than what i skied at the top of Kelly's the other day. We stopped by the Arco City Pen to visit Wes, but a sign written in chicken scratch hung on the door which read: "GONE SKIING". Either Wes is holding out on us, or one of the inmates got wise!More from Washington later, well, once we get there anyway.

  4. >We resort to desperate measures when unhappily strapped to a desk! The only fun I'm having right now is tuning and waxing my skis in hopes of using them soon…

  5. >Kodi and I went to Kelly's yesterday to see if there was really enough snow to ski. It was 40 degrees at the base. Gave up and hiked around in my tennis shoes. Sigh…

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