>Stouts Mt Snow Pit 12-26-09



I skinned up to about 7100′ near the mouth of one of the drainages coming off the northside of Stouts Mt. to check out snow conditions. The snow is about 27″ deep, with a 3-4″ layer of facets sitting on the ground, above that is an 8-10″ layer capped by a thin rain crust, above that there is another 8-10″ snow layer that caps with a transition zone of a refrozen melt layer and finally there is the 2-3″ of new snow that fell a couple of days ago that is now developing surface hoar on it’s surface.
There were no signs of natural avalanche activity that I could see. I dug a snow pit on a 35 degree north facing slope and you can see the results in my video clip. It definitely reinforces the need for caution out there!

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