>a late afternoon tour

>I missed the Dawn Patrol this morning. Just too many “during business hours” tasks i needed to get done before heading to Ouray, Colorado. By late afternoon it was apparent i was not going to be able to leave Tuesday afternoon, but now Wednesday morning…early. Combine an extra half day at home with the power outage this afternoon which sent Heather home from School early and of course it would add up to a late afternoon tour!

Heather has been doing very well with some exercises Turbo has recommended for her knee, this combined with some recent half day resort skiing which produced no pain to her injured knee, we decided to explore our favorite side country stashes. And of course our tour wouldn’t be complete without Chad Sr.
Chad Sr. skiing some good soft snow
Heather showing Chad and I how it’s done on the Baugher Special! Click on the image and you can see the top shack for Lift 1 on top of the ridge in the distance
After a run down the Baugher Special, the three of us skinned back up to the western edge of Kelly Mountain and skied down AT Hill in the dwindling light, reaching the bottom of the run just in time to put our headlamps on and skin back to the parking lot. All in all it was a grand Kelly Mountain adventure. We each felt the pure enjoyment of having such a unique gem so close to home. Kelly Mountain may not be big, or steep, or deep but it holds many worthwhile adventures if your want to search them out!
About the snowpack:
Total snow depth is 55cm (about 22″) @ 6,500ft
Our snow pit revealed faceted snow on the bottom 3″ capped by a thin melt/freeze crust that supports all of the recent dense snow.
My Compression Test failed on 12 without a clean sheer. East-northeast, 40 degree slope angle, mid run on the Baugher Special.
AT Hill needs another 10″
-Dean Lords

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  1. >surprising test results.. Especially compared to those Turbo and I found on Telehill where it failed simply on the isolation cut, on a 23 degree slope.

  2. >Yes, somewhat surprising, but it also makes some sense given the fact that you guys collected that data in the peak of the storm with no time for the new snow to stabilize.Both Heather and I experienced collapsing snow and shooting cracks on Saturday both inbounds and out. Yet nothing yesterday afternoon!

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