>Avalanche on Steve Baugh’s bowl


Just in case anyone needs a reminder about conditions. This avalanche on Mary’s was triggered by three snow boarders on Saturday, Jan. 9. No one was hurt. The crown was about 5 feet, about 100 yards across, and stepped down nearly to bare ground. This was one of many avalanches in the area, some spontaneous, some triggered by bombs, but all big.


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  1. >That photo was taken Sunday. I went over to Mary's with a ski patrolman friend to check out some of the crowns. The slides were everywhere. The patroller said he thought conditions were worse than last year. Even spots in the trees that were considered safe were sliding.

  2. >hey Eric, Cool shots. I was there on Thursday and saw a good sized slide in the middle of the sparse trees on Mary's. Also many slides all along Peaked. Bad year thus far! I'm hangin' where it's safe..

  3. >Eric, I thought I saw you, but I wasn't 100% sure, I yelled but you didn't hear me. Lots of slides if you looked close, some were hard to see because of the angle of the sunlight…..Did KC early Sat morning (alone), was super fast, goose bumps galore, went home @ noon when the circus started…. Sunday…Yep, I was groovin' them groomers @ Targhee early before most of the crowd showed up, went over to Sac and continued on!! Wow, got home and just collapsed on the couch…..zzzzzzzzzz

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