>Not off-piste….but dang!

>January 10, 2010

From the top of DC – Diamond Peak a 110 miles away…..

Targhee Cloud


10 responses to “>Not off-piste….but dang!

  1. >Increadable my friend! I will be spending a few days at Targhee with some industry big wigs, maybe starting on the 25th. We should give'm the full tour, eh??

  2. >Dean, oh yeah, any excuse to go goof off on the hill is fine by me! I had so much fun this weekend I am still buzzing. Tate and I were sitting up on top Sunday morning, looking out over the clouds and wondering why anyone would sleep in, when they could be experiencing what was laid out before us. Incredible view, and perfect groomers. We like powder, but groomers like that are the next best thing! wOw!

  3. >Very nice pic. Been awhile since I saw that view. I didn't sleep in, I was on a different hill, but without your view…still better than sleeping in!

  4. >Dean, good to see you last night! Kinda scary zipping by 15 – 20 ski patrolers all lined up, looking for miscreants! Me being one of the worst!!! HAH!Anyway, more importantly, see if you can nail down a day for the Targhee trip…. let's see if we can get some of the crowd up there on that day …. should be way fun!!I wanted to ask you…how is Heather's knee? Everything all healed up and back to normal I hope?Also, not getting this fat boy in one of those sleds, now that is scary!!JB

  5. >Yeah, we thought about playing a mean game of "Red Rover, Red Rover, send the snowboarder on over!" as we lined up on the hill. I bet well looked pretty silly!I will let you know plans for Targhee once i get them dialed. We will have a blast for sure!And last but not least, glad you weren't on lift one tonight! Fun times!!

  6. >wOw, wasn't that a bunch of fun…..Got me to thinking how much worse it would have been – with all the lifts in a power failure – at night……and yes, another 30 seconds and I (and you and Heather) would have been on it…..Lucky (as Napoleon would have said)….Looking forward to another day at Targhee with the Wild Bunch!

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