Columbia Bowl


A group of us skied Teton Pass Friday. Dave, Brenda, Dave and myself parked at the top of the pass, skinned up, and stated to head south. Just before leaving the parking lot, we ran into Julie and Eddy who joined up with us. We made one lap on Edelweiss, then skied off the back side and into Columbia. The avalanche conditions seemed pretty stable, but as you can tell from the pictures the powder was pretty chopped up. We lapped Upper and Lower Columbia bowl before skiing out “Hell” (Mail Cabin Creek) and hitchhiking back to the top. It was a great day with a bunch of great friends.










The other Dave.


The other Dave just a bit out of control.




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  1. >Hey Eric, It looks like a great day! Did you guys dig any pits? I would be interested in what you found. I went partway up the east face of Stouts on Friday. I found fairly decent snow about 7600 feet. Probably not a great representation of skiable terrain as it was E NE facing. Still, the absence of significant "sugar" is encouraging.

  2. >Looks great, Eric! Glad someone is getting out. Another week of time consuming Mammut work and i will start to see some more free time once i return from SLC. Snow on the way… save some for me!

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