>Stouts Mtn


On Friday Maggie and I did a little exploration on the East face of Stouts. Approached up Flemming Canyon turned up Gopher Canyon. Around 6400 ft. the gully was filled with avalanche debris. I couldn’t see where it came from at my location. Not much new snow so I felt it safe. I climbed the debris to about 7600 where my dog was finished. I dug a pit and found 102 cm on a E NE facing slope of 32 degrees (which unfortunately turned out to have trees in it) and found very little faceted snow. When I got home and looked at the photos it was obvious where the snow came from. Many crowns in the entire region.


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  1. >Thanks, Rick! Very impressive photo's. There are crown fractures both big and small everywhere in your photos.On another note, there appears to be good coverage.

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