>Off Piste along the border


Sarah and I finally got out for some off piste fun! We wanted to go some place new where we could Hansel and Gretel other peoples tracks and learn a new area.

After trying to park at the full lot at the top of the pass our Karma sent us back down to Coal Creek and we decided to venture into the Mail Cabin area. Following the only new tracks around we ended going up to “Do It Chutes”. The people we meet along the way were very friendly and helpful (must be due to being on the ID side of the pass). As we passed them they told us about the chutes and then when we saw them again at the top they told us how to ski the backside into Mail Cabin. Snow was very stable and our pit only showed a minor slide surface at the recent new snow layer. Great turns, a fabulous partner and friendly people made for a wonderful outing.


2 responses to “>Off Piste along the border

  1. >Chuteski, Strong work, way to get "out" there!! I've been keeping an eye on the parking at the pass via the web cam. I figured it'd all be skied out. Looks like you two found plenty!

  2. >It's often true around the "pass", if it is more than a half mile in, you will be almost alone, despite the number of cars in the parking lot!!Way to go you two!

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