>Seek and Destroy!


We had a rag tag team of misfits out in force today! Friends from back east, friends from Idaho Falls, and a good friend from Sun Valley destroyed all that was untracked at Targhee today!

Yup, those are our tracks! Ohh and we were in-bounds!


Misfits in order from first to last: Turbo, Ricardo, Heather, and Captain Cutie. A classic seek and destroy moment of the day!

Fellow Mammut lovers from left to right: Anne McCandless, Ian Conner, Ricardo, Turbo, Danny Walton, Dean Lords, Heather Lords. Photo by: Brian W. MIA: Darin SKIEDmore, Captian Cutie, and Kevin V.

All of this resort skiing has been fun, but it’s time to get into the backcountry…

-Dean Lords


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  1. >Look at all the Mammut clothing! By the way, it is great gear, helping us stay hard-charging day-in and day-out! Please take special note of Dean's chartreuse bibs; even in full on Targhee fog, we couldn't lose track of him!!

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