>Mike Spencer Peak Powder


Dean, Mark, Rick and I entered new terrain today on the NE side of what we call Mike Spencer Peak, which tops out at 8400′, at the head of Mike Spencer Canyon in the Pine Creek area. Mark and Rick provided snowmobiles to alleviate the 8 mile round trip to the approach start and all agreed that made the day strenuous instead of oppressive!
We tested the snowpack in three different pits and found the weakest layer to be a recent, buried, surface hoar layer from last week covered with 8-10 inches of new snow that has fallen since Sunday. It failed in the “yellow” or caution range of stability and warranted that we stay on slopes less than 35 degrees, which we did.
Our reward ….up to knee deep powder, untracked slopes and BIG grins all around!!!!



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  1. >Great vid Turbo! "Big grins" is a conservative estimate. I heard many yelps and howls throughout the day as the powder hit us in the chest. As I said 73 times yesterday it was one of my best snow days in the BC. I am very happy and surprised about the fact this scary snowpack is stabilizing nicely. A great group we had. Glad you could join us Mark, you're a perfect addition to our motley crew. Good call on the new area, thanks boys. Can't wait to go again!

  2. >One caveat I would add; that buried surface hoar layer we found reactive may become more problematic as the snow on top begins to form a slab rather than the soft fluff we encountered.

  3. >Oh man! Thanks for the great day fella's. The only two things that could have made it the best day ever, would be having Heather with us AND doing just one more lap!Thanks for your willingness to explore outside of the standard west slopes of the Tetons and risking the potential of getting skunked! There are a lot more adventures to be had in our local hills! Glad you guys don't mind a little hard work and/or alternative means of approaching some of these backcountry ski adventures. If it's about having fun, then i would suggest we are definately WINNERS!Again, thanks for your continued focus on safety as well. Maybe we don't get that last lap in because we decided to dig an extra pit or two, but that is alright by me!Also of note, the pit i dug was 135cm @ 7500ft and i beleive the upper pit Turbo and Ricardo dug was 170cm @ 8300ft. (correct me if i'm mistaken)

  4. >Great post summing up a wonderful day! Glad I was able to get out with such a fun and enthusiastic bunch. Hope we can explore more next week!

  5. >I agree with Deano about one more lap making it the perfect day. As we made the last run I was really wishing I would have made the choice, no regrets though. Spending extra time on making SURE it's safe is absolutely the right thing to do in my opinion.. I wanna keep coming back…

  6. >My favorite part of that video is when we're headed up. The snow is quietly falling, the birds are chirping as if we were walking through a meadow in the springtime, and then Ricardo busts out his awesome hick drawl right in the midst of that beautiful scene! I laugh every time that part comes around. A true reflection of our Motley Crew!This video left me craving more; a perfect teaser of the day. I know you boys got some additional photos and footage; don't hold back if you want to share. I'd be psyched to see more!

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