>dig, dig, dig, dig, dig…. dig what i’m sayin’!


You can learn how to do just about anything from the Internet!
-Dean Lords

4 responses to “>dig, dig, dig, dig, dig…. dig what i’m sayin’!

  1. >Great information Dean! Everyone venturing into the back country needs constant reminders to help minimize the real danger that lurks out there. Gets me to thinking about risk vs. fun…. Is it worth the risk? That is a valid question in my mind. Sure, one can keep vigilant and take every precaution and yet still suffer a catastrophe …….…but yet, that can happen in any number of ways, an auto accident, a lightning strike, or even a bee sting…… but one can’t go through life hiding in a hole… One must prepare /plan for the worst case scenario, but at the same time experience the thrill of days (and nights) well lived…. I think that is exactly what you guys are doing! Well done, and thanks for all the information provided, not to mention the great trip reports!

  2. >Yes Deano, a good video. Thanks for the research. The more we study these techniques the more they will be automatic in a stressful time of need……

  3. >Once again, another excellent resource for backcountry safety! I have a question – are you able to add tags on this blog? If all of these types of posts had an "avy safety" tag (or something like that), a reader could pull them all up at the same time. This could become an even more powerful resource for new and old users.I will also suggest a few more tags: Skijourning, splitborading, and men who shred in neon green pants.

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