>South Paw.

>The snow came late and all at once to the Southern tip of the Pioneer Mountains, disappointing to one who closely watches the exploits of you skiers sussing out the avalanche conditions and then tearing it up on the east side of the state. That’s not to say I havn’t been out but there’s a certain satisfaction derived from getting easy turns on “local” turf.

The shots below were taken sunday on a tramp to ‘South Paw’ above Blizzard mountain ski hill. The hike from the road to the top takes about 45 minutes and although the terrain isn’t big, it’s easy to reach and there are untracked miles of it.

Susan hiking toward South Paw as the
sun comes up.

Susan at the top of Blizzard ski hill.
The structrue in the distance is the Bullwheel
and running gear (poma lift).
It aint much but the hill
operates every saturday as long as the snow
holds out.

South Paw; so nice, you’ll hit it twice.



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  1. >YES! Thanks Wes. I have often wondered what you guys do for "local" ski tours. I know you get into the Lost River Range a bunch, etc, but it's those near and dear places that each of us visit in our own respective backyards that really interest me. In some ways it's easy to spot big lines on big peaks, but kicking around on the low elevation terrain when conditions are right and that spirit of adventure which alwayse seems to tag along is just cool to me!Thanks for sharing.

  2. >Wes, you need to post more often, this place looks RAD! The last lyric of the song for your video sums up this new location for me… Are you lookin' for inspiration? Thanks for sharing inspiration from your neck of the woods!

  3. >We flew over your tracks on our way to Seattle on Weds. I was peering out the plane window admiring those slopes and their snow cover. What a great video. Thanks for introducing us to your backyard.

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