>Back Country at Kelly’s… Really?


Is it strange that I have never skied on Teton Pass? Is it strange that I keep going back to Kelly Mountain? Today Dean, Wade S. and I decided to stay close to home. I am constantly amazed by the beauty and simple fun found in the hills behind our house.
Today was fun! I dug my very own pit, as well as performed a textbook compression test (all supervised by Dean and Wade)! While skinning up we were serenaded by booming hip hop from the snowboard competition at the ski hill. Dean and Wade also explored some new (to us) terrain. The sun was out, the snow was soft, and we laughed… a lot!
One of these days I’ll have to try and ski Teton Pass, but in the meantime, I have back country fun at lil’ ol’ Kelly Mountain!
Me and Wade skiing toward the top of AT Hill
Wade teaching me the tricks of the trade on Middle Earth.

If Dean says there is a little bit of tree skiing… BELIEVE HIM! Wade skiing the tree instead of the “rabbit hole” on the Baugher Speical!

Ahhh precious, Dean and I in our matching Valentine’s outfits!
**Note to people driving up the ski hill road… YES, we know we’re walking up the road with skis on our backs! NO, we are not in need of a ride; we’re doing this because we want to! YES, our car really is at the top in the parking lot; the direction we are walking. Thanks for asking though!
Wade’s first time to AT Hill.

Dean coming down the top of AT Hill

Dean livin’ it up at his new area, Hollywood Hill! He said it was VERY STEEP!

Wade doing the same. Make sure you have the volume turned up! I guess it must have been REALLY GOOD!

-Heather Lords


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