>Long Canyon adventure


A few more shots from the Long Canyon adventure yesterday. It never ceases to amaze me how different the snowpack can be in a relatively short distance, from 2.5 feet of bottomless facets at 8200 ft to 4.5 feet of “relatively” stable, consolidated snow at 9200 ft. Even though we had a small slide I would say the overall condition is good and wouldn’t hesitate and can’t wait to go back. That said we should never assume or take lightly any avalanche terrain, even when tests are positive. We were doing what we thought (and I believe most would agree) were safe practices but just happened to find an isolated pocket that was easily triggered.
Video is Turbo doing the mandatory cornice huck, a must on every outing. The close up shot shows my avalanche debris and our ski tracks. I fondly refer to the debris as “my” as I triggered the slide. Comments and complaints are welcome!



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