>The Olympics of Track


The Olympics of Track

As a salute to the 2010 Olympic Games being held in our region of the world, Vancouver BC, here’s an event that shows off some Eastern Idaho flavor:

The gold medal in the track competition goes to:

Felis Concolor of Kelly Mountain, Idaho, for his unwavering stealthy tracks which followed my ridge top ski tracks for over a half mile. The human scent must have ultimately been too strong a deterrent as this mountain lion came no closer than 20′ to the igloo.

Silver medal goes to:

Canis Lupus aka Grey Wolf, king of over snow travel, for getting within 12 miles of The Grand Teton Mall (north slope Taylor Mountain).

Bronze medal (there were only 3 entries) awarded to:

Kelly Belly Off-Piste Demo Team for their rendition of ‘Figure S in Bluebird’.

Higher, Faster, Older,
Rick Baugher
Feb 19, 2010


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  1. >Rick, I have often "felt" the presence of cats when I move about the Kelly Mt area. I haven't actually seen one yet and probably won't but I know they are there.I saw Canis Lupus tracks last March in the snow of Palisades Creek, they were impressive in size.And those figure S tracks are mighty fine specimens indeed! They have been cropping up in all sorts of terrain!

  2. >Hey Rick, I could identify those ski tracks anywhere. They have the classic Baugher look.. Great photos as always. No need to worry about the gold medalist, any mountain cat worth his salt knows never to fool with Mr. Kelly Mountain. It would disrupt natures balance!

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