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Some of you may have heard about the death of Wray Landon on Sunday. If not, there are plenty of sources out there on the internet if you are interested. I got a couple of emails from friends in Jackson last night about Wray’s passing. He was swept over the 1,000+ ft cliffs while descending the Southeast Face of the South Teton. He and his two friends were heading toward the Amora Vida Couloir when a 2′ deep small slab pulled out which carried Wray over the cliffs.

Wray was a consistent viewer of East Idaho Off-Piste and would share his excitement about the site from time to time with me via email. He too was mesmerized by the Lemhi Range after skiing Diamond Peak a few years ago and would occasionally hound me about getting into the Lemhi’s and exploring more so he could watch our progress here at EIOP. We will do our best not to disappoint…

I can’t stress enough the need to be safe out there. Please, please, please make smart decisions and stack the odds in your favor. Travel with good partners that know how to move through the mountains safely. Be a partner that others can count on in doing the same. Get out there and have fun, but most of all, be safe doing it.

For Wray: Lemhi Bliss
The magnificent Shil and Dome Peaks from the Birch Creek Valley

-Dean Lords


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