>Pebble Cr. Backside


Nice front side face. I rode a line skiers left of the big open face.

Summit shot on Mt. Bonneville.

Stitched photo of Mt. Bonneville’s est aspect.

From the saddle of Upper Green looking west to Chesterfield. Mt. Bonneville summit is on the right side of the photo.

A poor man’s snowboard-cam. Check out the weird screaming wind banshee noises coming off the camera.

By now, cabin fever is in full-on global-pandemic mode. I haven’t had a chance to play in the snow for quite some time so this past Tuesday I played hookey from work, grabbed the splitboard and headed to Pebble Cr. and it’s smorgasbord of backcountry delicacies.

The weather was ideal – clear skies, crustless snow and nary a breeze. The cool thing about Pebble Cr. and it’s backcountry stash is that you can either hike the ski hill (the lift operators don’t mind) or pay the fee for a one time ride up the lift. I chose the latter. It saves about 45 min. and also saves energy for that extra run on the backside! Plus, there are always skin tracks back there so skinning back up after each run only takes about 25 min. of easy climbing.

I was solo on Tues. so I kept it relatively safe by staying where there were tracks from the weekend. Beleive me though, there were some rad untracked lines nearby but the angles, slope configuration and aspects made me uncomfortable being by myself. Better to play it safe in the open trees and mildly tracked-up runs.

The angles on the backside of Mt. Bonneville are pretty mellow for the most part, averaging about 30 degrees. There are steeper lines to be had and that’s what’s sweet about the backcountry of Pebble Creek – you can make as easy or hardcore as you want.

After about 3 runs I was ready to bail and so climbed back up to the Upper Green saddle. Usually I just drop down the Green to head back to the parking lot but I couldn’t help but notice the big open face and cool looking shots through the rock bands that make up the north boundary off piste. As I skinned north from the Upper Green saddle to the top of my west facing objective, my draw dropped as I skied past what looked even more rad than what I had being on all day. There were some steep cliff shots, convex open/tree shots and more. I had never been this far north when I’ve skied back there. It made me believe even more in the radness that is Pebble Cr.

Anyway, I found killer conditions on the upper face (see photo 1) and through the rocks and then crazy, Indiana-Jones-jungle-adventure riding down low. My line spit me out just at the top of the beginner’s lift which means more turns until about 20′ from the car. Rad.


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  1. >That is great country down there. I skied the east side of Haystack, south of Bonneville but on the same ridge, with Andy Hall a few years ago.How was the snow?

  2. >Nice vid Matt! The snow looks super fun and what a gorgeous day. I've never been back there and now am looking forward to checking it out. I also am looking around at helmet cams your vid inspires me further.

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