Return to Tag Alder

> provided the snowmobile and Justin, Andy, Dean and I provided additional enthusiasm for a return engagement with Tag Alder skiing, south of Palisades Dam!
It was sporting fun sliding 4 skiers behind the ‘bile as long as we were on the groomed road but we opted for 2 at a time once we turned on to the trail!

Test pits showed suprisingly consistent results at three sites, elevations and differing aspects; they all had 4 slabs separated by buried surface hoar layers and failed in extended column tests at 2-4 taps on the first layer, 11 on the second and about 17 on the third, with Q1-
Q2 shears on planar surfaces: not very confidence inspiring to say the least!

We chose not to ski the glades, drop-offs and rollovers we had skied last year and stayed on or near the ridge we skinned up. The snow stayed put and we did 2 laps of soft snow skiing. The most dangerous moment occured on the ski out and Dean was the victim; watch for it at the end of the video!!!!


2 responses to “Return to Tag Alder

  1. >Hey boys! Scary conditions! Glad to see everyone survived, especially Dean and the brush attack. Looks like a great day. Too bad I bailed and left y'all with only one 'bile and one less amigo to holler about the turns.

  2. >It was great to be out with such a strong safety minded crew again today. Bad test results equalled a greater need to use the safest possible terrain; tight trees and ridge lines. Nice work everyone.

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