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With the desire to make East Idaho Off-Piste the best possible community ski blog for our area, i turn to you, the contributors and views of this page for suggestions. This is your opportunity to comment (anonymously if you want) and share with us what could make this site better. Please don’t hesitate to even tell us if you think it sucks! Or if you think it’s great just the way it is.. let us know!
I know there are many out there who silently view this blog… what keeps bringing you back? Let us know what you like and what you think is lame. Better yet, why don’t you become a contributing author and share with us your photos, videos, and trip reports!
If you read this entry, don’t be shy, leave your comments below!
Turbo killin’ it on the north ridge of Foggy Mtn (our nickname for an unnamed knob); a minor peak that separates the East and West forks of Tag Alder Canyon in the Caribou Mountains. Photo: A. Hall
-Dean Lords

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  1. >i don't ski very much, actually not really at all, but i like this site a lot, especially the photos.i guess just keep it up dean!tom s.

  2. >I'm ejoying the contributions of Rick Baugher; his years of exploring the back places of our region, it's histories, people and his own unique experiences. I'd like to read more.

  3. >I recommend to start adding tags to your posts, so that the site becomes searchable by topic. Then a user could click on a tag like "avy safety" or "Kelly Mountain" and find all of the relevant posts instantly. You guys are really putting up a lot of very useful info here (documenting snow conditions and stability, reports of slides, links to other avy sites and videos), and I sincerely think that many more could use this as a valuable resource for your neck of the woods (making me wish I was skiing with you!).

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