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Perhaps in another month, couloirs like this 1,000′ one on the north side of the east ridge of Peak 10,424′ in the Long Canyon will be filled in with snow and christened with our ski tracks.
I have really been geekin’ out on the Lemhi’s this winter; collecting various bits of ski information, pouring over maps and Google Earth images, and comparing various years of Snotel information. Our explorations into the Lemhi’s this winter have only strengthen our belief that this mountain range will produce years of quality ski adventure and numerous worthwhile ski descents. Time will tell that story, but for now i thought i’d share some interesting numbers from the Meadow Lake Snotel. Here is a list showing the last ten years of Snow Water Equivalent for March 1st. Unfortunately, the Meadow Lake Snotel Site does not have a snow depth gauge, so we are left with a semi accurate formula from the state agency who monitors these readings in order to convert the SWE into snowdepth. For the best accuracy, i will list the SWE numbers. Even though these numbers may not mean anything to you like snow depth might, it provides a visual understanding of the last decade.
3/01/00 – 12.30″
3/01/01 – 07.10″
3/01/02 – 11.30″
3/01/03 – 10.50″
3/01/04 – 13.40″
3/01/05 – 07.80″
3/01/06 – 14.50″
3/01/07 – 10.40″
3/01/08 – 14.00″
3/01/09 – 10.30″
3/01/10 – 07.30″
It is easy to see that three out of the last ten years have had significantly less SWE. Two of those ten years offered nearly twice as much SWE than our current year to date. This also tells me that our explorations this year have been during the second driest in ten. We are still finding great snow to ski and modest coverage. Later this spring we should experience what 12″ SWE and 14″ SWE feels like in the Lem’s which should be somewhat representative of a late February snow pack, but in April or May.
I still need to find some time and post a list of Lemhi Peaks that have been skied. There are some pretty cool stories that have been passed on to me from various folks, including the late and dearly missed, Wray Landon. I may wait until later this spring after we can add a few more peaks to the list.
-Dean Lords


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  1. >Lem-me at em! Hopefully the snow is still coming over the next few months. I almost hung up the snow shovel. Hope you guys have a great time tomorrow! Looking forward to the report.

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