>3 Days in the Backcountry

>It was definitely warm, springlike conditions in the backcountry this last weekend. I got to spend three straight days checking things out in various locals, and had a fantastic weekend sampling what the mountains had to offer.

On Friday, Matt, Dave, and myself headed up to Teton Pass to check things out. One the drive up, we got a good look at the run First Turns and decided to give it a go. So after booting up Glory, we dropped in and had a great run. It’s a south facing slope, so staying in the trees was the best option, but we found some excellent snow.

Mt. Glory
We then headed to the south side to check out Columbia. That run never disappoints, and it was great. It getting more popular, and it was harder to find untracked ground, but with a little creativity we were able to find excellent snow. The best run was off the backside of Edelweiss, which is more shaded and was killer.
Our tracks on Columbia.
On Saturday, Mike invited me to spend the night in Jackson Creek Yurt in the Pebble Creek backcountry. I’d never been to that yurt, so I was stoked to check it out. There are two ways to get to the yurt. The easy way is to ski from the top of Pebble Creek. Mike and I opted for the hard way, which is to ski up from the bottom of Jackson Creek. Yep, it was a workout, but it was worth it. At the hut we found the some of our group waiting, and soon the rest showed up. We would be 9 people, in a yurt designed for 6. It was a tight fit, but it was a friendly group.
We yo-yo’ed Strawberry Fields a few laps, then returned to the yurt for and excellent meal, courtesy of Jess. After dinner, we discovered the full moon was out, so we made a few runs above the yurt in the moonlight. That was one of the coolest ski runs I’ve ever had.

The group rehydrating after skinning up above the yurt.

The next day dawned bright and clear, and after another great meal we yo-yo’ed a few more times before packing up and heading back to the road. The conditions were good near the top, but as you descended to the valley floor things got a bit crustier. Not a surprise, it’s been in the 40s during the day there. Made for some interesting skiing with a full pack, but we made it out just fine.

Strawberry Fields above Jackson Creek Yurt.
I-15 corridor from near the top of Pebble Creek.

Mike skiing Strawberry Fields

It was a great weekend with good friends, good food, and good turns. What more could you ask for?


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  1. >I skied at Teton Pass on Saturday after the feild portion of my level 1 class. Great snow albeit a bit warm!Looks like a fun trip! Thanks for sharing.

  2. >Great photos Eric! Not only 3 days of skiing but 3 consecutive days. Living the dream! I love the "rehydrating" photo! I'll have the Crown Royal please.

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