>Boys Scoutin’ Chute Skiin’


I returned late last night from a wonderful vacation with my wife on a balmy Mexican beach and to “atone” for such decadence I was roused out of my slumbers and sheparded to the frosty hills by the ‘backcountry boy scouts’.
Dean, Rick, Matt and I checked out Boy Scout Chute south of the Boy Scout Camp in Teton Canyon today. We found the chute to be in good enough condition to boot up with minimal floundering (although I wasn’t particularly fond of the upper 20′ which was sugary facets over steep rock) and found the ‘secret’ passage up and onto the north facing ridge heading up to Treasure Mt. We started back down from about 8400′ and sampled dampening powder turns through open trees before reentering the chute and jump-turning down and out. The bottom opened onto a boulder slope spotted with snow mushrooms that we had fun plopping off of.

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  1. >Sad oh so sad I missed out! No reference at all to pits! Where was your due diligents? Looks like fun was had by all, I look forward to getting out next Wednesday!

  2. >Mark, I put the posting up in a hurry so I did not add the test results. We dug three pits, one below the chute and two above. We did identify a weak layer 12-18" down of buried surface hoar and it failed 11-15 taps in all pits.We skied the upper ridge cautiously and down-climbed the upper 20' of loose slab of the chute. The chute itself was quite firm, having been previously cleaned off by other skiers and we found no unstable signs as we booted up. We had only light sluffing as 4 of us jumped turned down it.The lower apron was warming and we had a couple of fresh sluffs from snow dropping off the cliffs above but we skied it without incident as well.Just letting you know we did practice due diligence!Looking forward to skiing with you next week.

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