BS Chute

>A few more images from the BS Chute adventure. A multi-faceted day with my best buds. Skiing behind the snowmachine (which I must do soon), climbing an awesome couloir, open face powder turns, attention getting down-climbing into above mentioned couloir, some cool jump turns in the above mentioned couloir finished with some awesome mushroom skiing. It doesn’t get much better than this! Thanks boys for the ideas and camaraderie!

Matt and Dean putting in the boot track

Heads down going up.

Boy Scout Chute

Downclimbing into the couloir.

Turbo making it look easy..



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  1. >Rick,I tried to bring your picture headings closer to the images, but it appears you load your images differently than i do, which created the current image display that you see now. Unfortunately, i cannot reverse it. Sorry.

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