>Playing Beyond Pine Creek Pass


Jon and I found bluebird skies on Saturday as we skinned north from the parking area at the top of Pine Creek Pass.

In years past I have skied back to the car from the peak at about 7800′ but Jon and I passed that spot and headed further north dropping into and up out of a couple more drainages to the north.
The day was bright and warming but we found sweet soft snow on the northerly aspects.
This would be a great area for a day of yoyoing or when avy conditions elsewhere are a concern because of its lower angles and elevations.
There are open tree glades on many aspects and even during this sparse snow year there is good coverage.
Our test pit on a NNW aspect of about 28 degrees showed a layer of buried surface hoar about 12″ down but it didn’t release until 25 taps with a Q2-Q3 shear, one of the better test results this year!

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  1. >Hey Rick B. I believe you had a name for this 7800'peak" Do you recall? This peak offers a great view of the Tetons.

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