>Long Canyon March


This is the video to accompany Dean’s photos and descriptions below.
Great snow, great day, great friends….

3 responses to “>Long Canyon March

  1. >This is an AWESOME vid, Turbo! You should consider re-posting it as a Youtube vid, so we can see it in all of its glory! I can also then add it to the short list of area videos in the menu bar on the left of this page. Let's go back on Saturday and ski the main line and the steep chute to skiers right. Do i need to post a photo of it so you will dream about it at night like i did last night??

  2. >wOw! Just wOw guys….The country around there is just awesome, briefly saw the two summits of Gilmore Peak and the surrounding terrain. Cool!The snow looked perfect btw. Me = Jealous JB

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