>The Hunt Is On!

>So many consecutive 40-ish degree days can only mean Spring is rearing it’s ugly head and our days of deep and soft are coming to an end. The powder snob in me has mostly learned to clam the hell up when my non skiing comrades start pissing on about the mud, the new snow, the cold, etc, etc, bla bla bla. The hunt is on for those ever dwindling stashes of hold-out freshies and finding them is nearly as fun as burning them down!
After a relatively wind-free winter, those westerly breezes are saving the day by laying in layers of fun those leeward bowls. Here are a few photos of the last 4 days on the Southern tip of the Pioneers.

Monday, conditions were pretty demoralizing on the way up Fly-boy ridge but the stuff blown into Recovery bowl was worth several laps.

On Sunday, we remotely triggered a good portion of windslab out of the rim on this bowl and skied through the debris while it was still soft. On the second lap the snow had built up again and we decided to find safer snow. Some time that night it let go again blasted all the way to the bottom. the skiing was still good near the edges on Tuesday

Wednesday, Eric Sticking the landing on Taco.

Thursday, Eric Taking a well earned break on lap 7 at the top of Chicken Run. The wind seemed to have no influence on his mood but we were pretty beat by the end of the day.


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  1. >Those windy pics look awesomely harsh! You guys are tough!I really enjoy your posts, Wes. The concept of a skier living in Arco, Idaho is indeed facinating. And to see what you do for adventure only adds to my belief that it doesn't really matter where you live; rather what you do with it that makes any place a worthy paradise.Thanks for sharing.

  2. >hey Wes, Great shots! Like Dean said the windy shot looks pretty hard core. Could you share more details on the slide your triggered? I'm interested in how you decided where to ski near it, the trigger, size etc. You mentioned more went that night, naturally I assume.Thanks and nice work out there! Idaho is awesome!!!! Ricardo

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