>Will the real 10,424′ please stand up?


I did some follow up dreaming, i mean map work, and realized that the real 10,424′ is actually just to the southeast of the peak we have been calling 10,424′. The summit we reached on Wednesday was in fact 10,500′! Just thought I’d let you know!
10,424′ is the towering spire on the left side of the image. 10,500′ is just out of view to the right of the image. The couloir separating the two summits and the narrow chute on 10,424′ are pretty cool lookin’, eh?!?!
-Dean Lords

2 responses to “>Will the real 10,424′ please stand up?

  1. >Not yet, Snowbot. But soon hopefully! There are a couple of other fantastic lines coming off of the east side of 10,424' that are also north facing! So much to do just on that one peak alone.

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