>Lost River laughs


Despite the lack of snow on the south and west aspects of the Lost River Range, we set our sights on the Super Gully today. A seemingly short and painless 3.5hrs to the summit, Matt T., Chuteski, Ricardo, Turbo and I soaked up the sunshine at 12,ooo’ waiting for the snow to soften. After about an hour on the summit, haze and thin clouds started rolling in so we decided to head out. We carefully skied the upper headwall (just skiers right of the obvious rock/snow vertical line at the top) which i found to be very, very steep on extreme hard pack and funny wind irregularities. It kept my attention and i kept my speed down with a few controlled jump turns until the angle eased back.
Once into the hourglass, the snow was soft and powdery and we were all able to link many turns. Near the exit of the hourglass we picked our way through some death cookies and hardened avalanche debris to find long, fall line shots between and to the side of avalanche paths until we reached the bottom.
I can see why the Super Gully is likely the most skied line in the Range; it really is a classic gully! I’m glad we had the chance to do it this year!
The Super Gully, Lost River Peak 12,078′ – Lost River Range, Idaho

Morning footsteps on Lost River Peak.
Matt T. near the top of the Super Gully which drops into the shaded slot left of Matt.

Waiting for soft snow while soaking up the sunshine and surrounding vistas.
Never mind, haze rolling in, Ricardo rolling out! Big Lost River Valley below.

Eye’s on Ricardo as he heads for the hourglass! A frozen Mackey Reservoir in the top right of the image.
Let ’em rip! Ricardo exits the hourglass.
-Dean Lords

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  1. >The steepness of the slope off the top is scary, even when there is no snow present. Gives me the willies looking at a couple of these shots. Climbed this one twice, so I know exactly how difficult those first few hundred feet are. Going up and down.Did you guys wander over to the true summit? I left a memento there many years ago… ;-)Awesome job guys!!!

  2. >Good work guys! Quite a bit more snow now then when I skied it last year… but then again that was in May! Any corn over there on mid elevation solars?

  3. >We were up it too early for corn. Luckily there was a skiff of new snow from the recent storm. Thanks guys for inviting me along!

  4. >Yee Haw!! seems like it's always those first un-warmed-up turns of a peak that are hard, fast and steep. Things corned up nicely later in the day. Nice job guys!

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