>East Dickey


Well, it wasn’t quiet what we had in mind for today, but we made the best of it. Our original destination didn’t look right, however the snow covered southern slopes of Dickey Peak grabbed our attention.
Justin, Heather, Turbo and i made our way toward the south ridge of the Eastern 10,200′ summit of Dickey Peak. Mid teens and a slight breeze made the trek across the flats a bit on the cold side, but once on the ridge we were greeted by warm sunshine.
We put our heads down and motored up the ridge with the idea to follow the Eastern ridge to the summit of Dickey Peak. As we neared the East ridge we were captivated by two steep bowls leading to a long gully dropping down the East face. There wasn’t a question in any of our minds what we wanted to ski.
Heather walking the snow sidewalk just below the 10,200′ eastern point of Dickey Peak. Our descent was just skiers left of the rock horn left of Heather. The North Face of Mt. Borah and Mt. Idaho can be seen in the distance.
Heather, Turbo, and Justin on the East summit. The summit and North face of Dickey Peak in the background.

Turbo heading for the Pearly Gates!

Heather just below the summit.

Heather floating the soft powder down to the steeps. Turbo is the little dot below!

On the tick list.
As it turned out we skied the upper portion of a line that my Boise friends skied on Wednesday and followed their mostly buried (new snow) ski tracks down the lower gully and connected with the Double Springs Pass Road.
It was a grand tour with some of the best scenery I’ve had all winter and one of the funnest lines too! 2,500 vertical feet starting with steep new (and somewhat deep) powder that lead through two rock towers and into the lower gully transitioning from soft powder to soft corn as we descended. Brilliant!
-Dean Lords


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  1. >This was one GREAT day. Anyone heading out there…watch for snowsnakes, I think all of us got bit one time or another!

  2. >Wow-it looks like that was an amazing day. Sure wish we were there making the turns and amazing lines with you guys. Hope you can get a few more solid weeks in.

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