>Stouts is Aptly Named


Let me start by saying… I love skiing Stouts Mt…BUT, it always makes you pay…I hit every construction stoppage on the way to pick up Dean and Heather…I got the car stuck trying to park it at the roadside…and the approach up the north side left me gassed, which doesn’t happen very often…HOWEVER, it gives back to those who pay…we had an EPIC powder day, one of the best of this year, on it’s north side.

We found deep, new snow that made the skin up a lot of work..it took as long to get to 8600′ as it it did to get to 12,000′ on Lost River Mt a week ago! And, it liked to slide if you pushed the angle as you can see after my ski cut…But, oh did it ski…so soft, so deep…but Dean had to make the final payment for such decadence as you can see in the last photo!

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  1. >EPIC DEEP POWDER IN THE BIG HOLES! I actually felt guilty that we were the only ones feasting in this deep soft bliss, but for some reason, everytime the snow hit me in the face it would give me an ice cream headache and block out those feelings of guilt.

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