>Kelly Canyon Powder Day


Today was likely the best powder day of the season for Kelly Canyon Ski Resort! Too bad the lifts weren’t open! There were a few powder hunters out on the slopes this evening, but only a single set of tracks east of lift 4.
Heather and I skinned up the Moose drainage to avoid the windy open areas of the ski hill. It was peaceful as we skinned toward the top of lift 2.
A short 30 minutes to the top of the hill where the wind whipped snow across the flats and stung our faces .

We quickly transitioned to down hill mode and skied fun soft snow on Slithery Dee.

Ernies was good too!

So good that we skied till dark before heading down to the lodge where our car was parked! Who would have guessed the best powder day of the season at the ski hill would be April 3rd! As a matter of fact, there is much more snow now than when the resort closed several weeks ago. Full coverage on all runs AND DEEP! Go figure…
-Dean Lords


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  1. >Heather and I really had a great time! As always, touring around on Kelly Mtn is really fun. The 10 minute drive from our house isn't bad either!Its not that steep, and a deepest day is only 10", but man, it sure is fun.

  2. >I went for a couple of laps this AM. Nice and soft where the wind hadn't hammered it, which was actuallly much of the hill….just a little crusty right off the summit by lift 2. Nice sunshine and only a light breeze.

  3. >Took my new skis and found them very comfortable in the soft. The semi-breakable crust was a challenge but that reflects more my inabilities than the skis ablilties! I did not head out to the Baugher Special; I went to the hill with Rick and he forgot his boots, so I made a couple of laps and headed back in.

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