>It just keeps getting better!


Targhee 4/3/10


This past weekend was one I will remember for many, many years, if not forever. We Drove up to Targhee on Friday night, spent the night comfortably in the Durango. The morning brought high winds and snow. Lots of snow. It started at around 3 in the morning, and did not let up all day long. I am sure that many thought it would be a crappy day at the hill, and that was reflected in the low numbers of skiers and boarders. As many as 7 or 8 chairs between riders on the DC. Incredible! The wind slowly died down, well….sort of….and the riding was some of the best I have ever experienced. Period. The photos do no justice.

Targhee 4/3/10

Targhee 4/3/10



Sunday morning found us on a hike to the top of the Heise Cliffs.
Heise Area

We try to do that 2 to 3 times a week….I need the exercise and so do the dogs. While up there overlooking the valley, Tate suggested that we run up to KC and boot it to the top with the boards. We had seen Dean and Heather’s report and thought that running up there was a great idea! We saw Ricardo in the parking area, he had left his boots at home and had run back up after retrieving them! 😉

Tate and I had a wonderful afternoon, we seem to be together most of the time, and I guess it is because we are so alike…..hiking and snowboarding is what we find most enjoyable in life… a great combination.

Again… the photos do little to convey the mood, the enjoyment that comes from this kind of lifestyle….

KC - 4/4/10


KC - 4/4/10

KC - 4/4/10
KC - 4/4/10

The snow was perfect in places, a little crusty in others. More of the white stuff predicted for Monday/Tuesday. Temperatures are expected to rise during the later part of the week, so who knows how long these conditions will last, probably not much longer…so now is the time for some relatively easy turns with minimum of effort.


4 responses to “>It just keeps getting better!

  1. >Spring powder skiers must develop a mind space such as the Japanese who venerate the cherry blossom;beauty is ephemeral, enjoy it, appreciate it in the "now"

  2. >Hey JB, Great to see you guys again! What a great day huh?! It is so cool you and Tate get to hang so much! I can say from my own experience that you will forever cherish these memories! I hope we'll have the opportunity to ski/board together again.Turbo: Thanks for driving the first time and letting me watch the car and spend some quality time with the dogs… hehehe I'm enjoying all the ribbing about being senile…

  3. >You have to be pretty sneaky to sleep in the parking lot at Targhee, I got the ol 2:30 am “ No camping anywhere on the property” speech last time I tried. Great photos again!

  4. >We parked down at the bottom of the hill, what we call the "Cosmic Phone" site. "For "Intergalactic Calls Only" Someone screwed a phone and a small sign giving instructions, to the stop sign at the turn off to Teton Canyon….pretty funny.I woke 20 times during the night, worried the plow would want us to move. It was active on the Targhee road section from about 2 to 5am…kept one eye open for him.Drove up to the upper lot at around 6am…watched the plows clear the parking lot till 8ish, while eating cereal for breakfast.Good times!

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