>two for the price of one


I did a quick tour at Kelly’s this afternoon. A lap on the Baugher Special and one down the left edge of Bear. Conditions have definitely changed quickly. The nice soft powdery snow has been replaced with heavy, wet, mashed potato’s! Still fun though. Tuesday and Wednesday should be good days to get out with new snow in the forecast!
I bumped into Rick Baugher and talked skiing for a bit. He found some less dense snow further east of the resort in the trees. I asked what summit number was this today and his reply was 494!! I think he’s gonna make it to 500 before the snow melts away!

My tracks through the mashed potato’s on the Baugher Special
Okay, all of you fellow ski patrol friends and avalanche awareness folks. Check out this video of avalanche mitigation at a ski resort. I don’t understand a single word they say, but I’m pretty sure there is an “ohhh s#!t” in there somewhere! Note the toy effect of the chairs as the derbis and wind blast pass through the lift. Could you imagine if people were actually on the lift?

Holy crap…

-Dean Lords


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  1. >Chimbulak resort in Kazakhstan….Translation – "Oh Shit, they're gonna' fire us for this (deleted) mess now ….for sure!"

  2. >JB, I don't think the translation is "gonna fire us" ,I think it more accurately translates as "they are going to burn our bodies after they finish skinning us alive…

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