>Snow Day


I love my job! Teaching is hard work, but also very rewarding. Surprise snow days are one of the little perks of teaching! I was up and getting ready for school when the call came in. “No school today.” So, what is a teacher to do when school is cancelled due to lots of snow? Go skiing of course! It was easy to convince Dean to go once the power went out at the house and he wasn’t able to work without the Internet. Boy, I sure do love my job and Dean’s!
We found deep snow as we skinned up the ridge route. Luckily someone had already been up there this morning.
Lap one on AT Hill

Fun, soft snow everywhere!
By lap two the snow was getting dense. We skinned back up and headed to the shady north easterly aspect.
We were pleased to find soft, untouched powder on the Baugher Special. Dean’s tracks from just yesterday were completely covered.
Dean coming down the upper part of the Baugher Special

Here’s to you Idaho! Here’s to snow days and power outages in April!

-Heather Lords

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  1. >Fun times! I would suggest an average of 12 inches of new snow on Kelly Mtn from the storm last night! It will be mashed potato's tomorrow. Glad we got it today!

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