>A day of new experiences…..

>Wednesday found Tate and I back up to Targhee, gotta get the most out of these season passes ya know. A bluebird day for sure, and as we found a place to park I was puzzled at the amount of cars pulling into the parking lot….’till I remembered that JHMR closed the previous weekend.

Still, no lift lines, plenty of deep powder, sometimes even too much. Incredible.

There were two firsts for me yesterday.

Number 1. Some air. Yes, this fat boy actually found some, and I was able to land one. Big smile on Tate’s face to see his old man silhouetted against the sky.

Number 2. The more serious of the two. I went in headfirst and on my back into a treewell. Not a big one mind you, but still….it took me at least 20 minutes to free myself. I can now understand and appreciate the danger these “holes” present.

I had a hard time breathing, felt like I might suffocate for a minute. I was able to clear the snow from my face and after a minute I calmed down enough to assess my situation. I could not move while strapped in my snowboard, and had to make like a contortionist in order to get to one binding. Nearly suffocating myself again, I was able to get my right foot out.

After much wiggling about, I was able to right myself and slowly push my way to the downhill side of the tree, and after what seemed like an eternity I was finally able to make it to the surface.

Tate was trying to crawl back up to me to help, but he would have been faster had he gone to the bottom, rode the lift back up and then down to me. I did have a 20 ft piece of rope in my pack had he been able to get in position to drag me out.


Still had a great day despite the near “drowning”….just one of those things…



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  1. >SWEET AIR TIME! You've got more guts than i do. What's the deal with treewells lately? Heather had a rather funny experience with one on Tuesday. On Kelly Mtn of all places. That was a wierd day though, i actually kicked off a for reals slide… yeah at Kelly's. Weird. Glad you're alive to ride another day!

  2. >Lots of snow out there….LOTS. We found it difficult in places to keep momentum up. Waist deep stuff that required a steeper slope to negotiate. The jumping? The cat tracks just down from the top of Sac…stop about 20 ft above them, and then ….. just straight line 'em. WaaaaHOOOOOO…….!!!Hard to get hurt in snow measured by the yard!

  3. >As a "group" we have had several reminders of the thin line between fun and danger…I'm so glad we have all been on this side of the line!

  4. >Those tree wells are tricky. I was always curious about tree well epics, mostly wondering how someone could get trapped in one till I had one ensnare me in the back country. It didn't last 20 minutes but it was pretty damn exhausting.You guys are really getting nailed over there but it's getting pretty bony over here.

  5. >Treewell: Heather skied too close to the pine tree near the bottom end of the good stuff on the Baugher Special; she turned out of harms way but crashed next to the tree. She picked herself up and put her ski back on. As soon as she clicked her heel in she slid backward and right into the treewell, completely dissapearing. She was laughing so hard it sounded like she was crying. Once i established that she was okay, i watched one ski come flying out from under the tree, followed by a second ski. Slowly Heather crawled to the surface and flopped onto the open slope next to the tree. Pretty funny to watch!Avalanche: On our second run down AT Hill i dropped off toward the west a bit more than usual and crossed between a tree and a boulder pulling out a 10' wide slab about 12" deep; basically all of the new snow sliding on the old sun crust. It ran through a clump of williow like trees and piled up in a small gully. Luckily, i had momentum and skied off to the side. The afternoon heat and sun had made the snow heavy and dense by our second run and had i been in the middle of the pocket taht ripped out, i don't know if i could have skied through the heavy snow which i possibly could have ended up in small trees. We moved to the shade after that.

  6. >Your tree incident sounds pretty scary! Fortunately I've not had the pleasure. My suggestion: get an Avalung,haha! Glad you're okay and nice job on the airtime. Isn't it fun to act like a ridiculous kid when you're 50 plus?!

  7. >Ricardo, yeah I thought about that while upside down in that hole…saving up this summer for one…and a splitboard dang it!50 plus? Yeah.Act like a ridiculous kid? Uh yeah… After a couple of jumps, I said to Tate "Wow, I never knew how much fun this is!" Then he (with a smile) said in his best Bender imitation "We all feel like that all the time. You don't hear us gassin' on about it" Oh, I laughed and laughed….I still have a smile on my face!

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